Ebenezer Cottage Daintree - Cape Tribulation
  The Area

Ebenezer is situated in beautiful Cow Bay 15 km north of Daintree River and 24 kms south of Cape Tribulation. The beach is unparalleled, a clean and uncrowded cove with the rain forest coming right to the sands edge.

Large freshwater creeks abound with crystal clear pools, home to the jungle perch and terrapins.

In the wet season small streams turn into raging torrents creating spectacular waterfalls.

Cow Bay has a small general store for supplies and fuel.

Snapper Island National Park lies south, just off the coast. Unspoiled and diverse.

Heading north towards Cape Tribulation, there are three major waterways entering the sea; Baileys Creek; Cooper Creek; and Noah's Creek, the natural habitat of the salt-water crocodile.

To the northeast are Undine and Mackay Cays, 10 nautical miles off the coast, both pristine places to view the reef.

Thornton's Peak, a short distance in from the coast is the third highest mountain in Queensland. It rises to 1374 metres and its rugged terrain is a challenge to any intrepid climber.

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